The sharing and knowledge and experience of import and export for young people interested in import and export industry of Vietnam.

The potential of Vietnam’s import and export industry

The integration trend of the world together with the shift of world import and export demand to Southeast Asian countries is increasing the importance of Vietnam to the outside. Our country ‘s TPP entry event in the early days of 2016 opened up an “unprecedented” opportunity for our fledgling export and import industry. And this is an opportunity for domestic and foreign logistics companies to “compete together – grow together”.
The tax rate brought to 0% pushed the demand for export and import goods to our country border higher than ever. And of course along with that is the foreign currency flow, huge cash flow flowing into the hands of enterprises to grasp the needs of the market.
Along with this opportunity is to know how many challenges must grow fast, must grow to grow and grow with integration flow. And along with how many job opportunities for Vietnamese workers.

What are the import and export activities?

The job of the first import-export staff is to master the general knowledge of the whole industry. And understand the operational characteristics of the industry with your business. Specific jobs that an import-export employee needs to undertake are often included:

  • Work directly with customers
  • Enter contracts, orders.
  • Carry out the selection of phoenix in accordance with transportation needs, authorized goods characteristics.
  • Pay money in different ways.
  • Perform customs and warehouse procedures to import or export goods.

Who is suitable for import and export work?

Everyone’s wishes and abilities are different, but if you dream of becoming a good import and export employee and have the following characteristics, welcome to the world of importers and exporters. :

  • Studying or graduating from specializations such as Foreign Trade, International Trade.
  • Know and use foreign languages fluently. Languages commonly used in this industry are English, Chinese, Russian …
  • Studying other disciplines, but closely related to import and export such as International Relations, Banking, Maritime, Customs …
  • Mastering the knowledge of other sectors such as Economics, Marketing, business management, international investment …

How to become a good import and export employee?

For employers to choose you between thousands of other candidates what do you need?

  • Add background knowledge, experience and good skills. Remember, “preparation is never redundant”
  • Understand your strengths and show it to employers.
  • Make an impression by telling what you can do to make the company grow more?
  • Show your willingness to learn, and work hard.
  • Know your passion and make employers sympathize with it.
  • Let’s frankly mention our weaknesses. Good self-determination helps you develop more than others.
  • Be confident.

Upgrade your knowledge with import and export courses

Learning is never enough, do not hesitate to invest time and money in yourself. Be diligent to follow and be exposed to positive sources of information. Constantly learn and find courses that suit your industry as well as your own personal development courses and soft skills.

Good luck!

Translation: Tiếng Việt