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What is logistics software?

Simply put, logistics software is a program designed and built based on the characteristics of the international transport and forwarding industry. These software often integrate many features, making it easier for logistics companies to manage and monitor their logistics activities
The main features of a standard logistics software usually include:

  • Manage the amount of goods shipped to and from within the country and internationally.
  • Track and monitor the route of goods.
  • Shipment positioning, quantity statistics.
  • Plan and route for common route shipments.
  • Integrating online payment and linking with domestic and international banks.
  • Managing activities in the company: accounting, debt management.
  • Store invoices, papers, and customs procedures for each port.

omers. Logistics software is one of the applications that helps logistics transport industry optimize its operations.

Why use logistics management software?

Applying technology to areas of life always brings certain effects. For an industry that operates in many stages of connecting lines like logistics, the use of management software is really necessary.
The process of transporting goods in logistics is closely related to many stages such as importing and exporting goods to ports, transporting from production or factories to packing, loading and unloading, customs procedures. Customs or delivery from port to distributor. All of these processes require accuracy, agility and care.
In traditional logistics activities, a line like above requires a large labor force, along with a strong supervisory team.
But now with the use of logistics software everything will become much simpler.

Benefits of using technology in logistics

The first benefit, also the most important when using logistics software, is to minimize costs. Costs are reduced from the money that businesses pay for a large number of employees to operate the delivery process smoothly in the old way.
However, in addition to reducing operating costs, these software also help logistics companies:

  • Easy to manage and track orders, quantity of goods anywhere, at any time.
  • Automate the logistics process without human coordination.
  • Reduce shipping time, help goods quickly reach consumers.
  • Increased productivity: Shorter working times lead you to be able to handle more jobs than before.
  • Increase reputation and competitive advantage.
  • Ability to expand and upgrade.

Logistics software is often used

Here are the top 10 logistics software widely used in Vietnam and around the world:

  • Freightview
  • Latitude WMS Software
  • U Route Software
  • Enterprise WMS and Interchange EDI Software
  • UltraShipTMS Software
  • LeanLogistics On-Demand TMS by LeanLogistics
  • SAP – SCM Software

Write logistics software on demand

Besides using the logistics software available to manage your business operations, you can also work with software design companies to create a supply chain management program that suits your specific needs. work of my company.

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