At TIEN PHONG CO., LTD, we offer a range of high quality international shipping forwarding services to meet your import and export requirements!

Superior transport means – The top choice of businesses

Sea freight [Sea Freight or Ocean Freight] has long been viewed as one of the most effective means of transporting bulk and bulky goods to all over the world. In the growing context of the global economy, maritime transport is growing more and more in terms of volume and way of transportation. The birth of the container allows a huge amount of goods to be loaded on super-large vessels, contributing to the development of trade between countries as well as the economies closer together. Quickly grasping this trend of the most popular transport, our ocean freight network, which is researched, tested and arranged, spreads across continents, is considered very safe and fast. Quickly allow your goods to move flexibly and accurately wherever you want.

As one of the reputable and long-term shipping service providers and associated with modern goods transportation facilities

It is because the international shipping sector is the longest and most effective way of transporting goods, many different transport agents are constantly participating, making it difficult for customers to choose good service providers. and best suited to your requirements. In order to make a strong difference from other companies in the same field, we are constantly looking for big and high quality partners in the maritime transport industry. Selecting partners carefully allows us to minimize cargo damage, especially when we transport a large volume of goods with bulky sizes. In addition, the long-term relationships and the experience of serving many customers make us able to handle the necessary procedures in the process of storage, helping to reduce cargo congestion at the ports. At the same time, the accompanying supervisory team takes care of precise control of the volume of goods, minimizes the possibility of damage due to damage, loss, robbery … We view the main customers’ worries is your own concern, and always seeks to optimize the shipping process so that the product is always intact from delivery to delivery.

Diverse ways in solving problems Customers encounter

With outstanding efforts to build a network and a fixed delivery schedule to many different countries, we strongly believe in the quality standards that we bring to our Customers. As one of the oldest logistics companies, we are constantly creating innovative solutions and changing the way of transportation so that the work is done better and better. Short-term delivery and delivery is our survival mission. Please take a look at the international shipping services that we provide below:

  • Transshipment of goods [Cargo transshipment]
  • Integrated container transportation [Consolidation services for Less coal Container Load (LCL)]
  • Container transportation of raw materials [Full Container Load (FCL) cargo from and to most major ports all over the world]
  • Transportation of special container equipment [Special container equipment]
  • Transportation of large special packages, goods not contained in containers [Break bulk cargo / non-containerized loads]

High quality, reasonable price put customers’ benefits first

You can easily compare the quality of service we provide compared to other competitors in the market. You are even more reassured when you know that even if you create maximum benefits for your customers because of their superior advantages, we also ask for a very pleasant price for our guests. The key to cost reduction is to know how to plan transportation properly. Owning a team of experienced transport specialists, we know how to arrange the shortest shipping time [please contact us immediately and let us know the exact date and time of your goods to deliver], The time and method of goods transiting Customs are optimal and the loading and unloading service with the accompanying pallets serves to protect your goods at the most competitive prices. Tips: Large volumes of goods always help you minimize shipping costs than small shipments. Therefore, do not feel anxious, please contact us directly for advice on how to transport the best goods for you.

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