Flexibility, reliability and efficiency are always the first factors we consider when implementing road transport services globally!

Transport by land transport is an indispensable part of the international logistics supply chain through and around the world.

Which road partner do you plan to choose?

Consider carefully before making a decision to make sure you choose the right partner for you.
A basic problem you will encounter when choosing your partner to provide transport services is that you do not really know the size of the agency. A small, young company providing road transport services will of course not have the best experience to transport your packages in the most optimal way. On the contrary, large-scale transport companies are easy to confuse or damage your goods because they have too many orders and transport schedules are too dense. Our TIEN PHONG CO., LTD, one of the logistics companies, focuses on providing customers with fast and transparent freight transports between major cities in the country, and countries within ASEAN [Singapore, Thailand]. Lan, Philippines, Indonesia …], United States and EU countries. We are committed to providing you with high quality road transport services, with many advantages that outperform competitors in your industry. Road transport [Road Freight or Land Transportation] has long been considered our strength in the freight industry in Vietnam. Facing the situation of agents receiving shipping more and more blooming here, our biggest difference comes from the quality provided to customers. The main reason for our effective operation comes from.

Providing reputable, efficient land transport services, vehicle systems [from reputable car companies] in modern, large quantities, loading tonnage up to 360 tons.

We choose for our customers the leading means of transportation from famous truck manufacturers such as Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet, Toyota … On the other hand, with the work focused on every detail of the team Our employees create traffic management systems that are designed on the basis of the latest technology to ensure detailed monitoring of each package’s travel route!

Take responsibility for solving transport problems entrusted by Customers and create as many benefits as possible

Our stable and sustainable growth comes from the ability to work hard, the solidarity of a large staff. We are always ready to take care of those worries, and dissolve that worry by creating services that bring the highest value to Customers. At TIEN PHONG CO., LTD​ we always try to recruit the most professional staff. Their job is not only to create solutions so that the work is done best and they must also be the ones who put the interests of the Customer on the top and constantly overcome the expectations. Freight forwarding is the goal that we are always aiming for. We offer a wide range of land transport services so you can easily choose for yourself:

  • Long-distance download [Linehaul Services]
  • Transportation in the city [Metropolitan Couriers]
  • Express transport service [Express Road Services]
  • Express delivery of packaged goods [National Road Express for Parcels and Satchels]
  • High-class freight services [Premium Freight Services]
  • Custom load amount [FTL and LTL Services]
  • High-load cargo transport [High Payload Tasks up to 360t]
  • Transport using towing and lifting equipment for large size goods [Heavy Lift and Over-dimension Road Transport]
  • Transporting dangerous substances [Dangerous Goods Road Transport]

And accompanying services such as:

  • Warehousing [Warehousing]
  • Distribution distribution [Distribution]
  • Select and pack [Pick and Pack]
  • Label [Labelling]
  • Multimodal Transport [Multimodal Transport Services]
Semi Truck Driving in Evening

Reasonable price coupled with high quality of service, always aware of putting customers’ benefits first

In order to be able to provide a more competitive service than competitors, we have invested heavily in equipment. We own a flexible fleet of vehicles, driver drivers with extensive experience in logistics, we can confidently believe that we can handle the transportation of all types of goods. chemical diversity, though different in volume or size. You also have more transport options because we can transport part of the supply chain or transport the entire process to you, from the time you receive the raw material to the time of delivery of the finished product. to agents. Above all, with the available advantages we require a very reasonable price for your order. Please contact us by phone and tell us your freight forwarding requirements.

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