We always choose reputable, safe and secure airlines to ensure the best delivery speed, ensuring to meet all requirements of your freight forwarding!

With the advantages of modern infrastructure and modern equipment, you will know why when it comes to logistics transportation, you will immediately think about us and choose to use the service here. We are fortunate to own:
The network operates everywhere in the world
With a wide range of activities and flexible travel schedules, you can actively monitor the route routes of shipments as well as instantly update the status of goods at any time. . The selection of partners to provide flight services, a team of dense network control specialists with long-term experience, and work to overcome the difficulties caused by the weather, we are always proud of. is a provider of high quality air transport services, meeting diverse requirements from customers.

Professional transport partners, advanced equipment
We are constantly searching for reputable partners and superior service quality in the aviation industry. As one of the logistics companies in Hai Phong, we understand customers’ worries on each shipment, and always seek to optimize the shipping process so as to minimize the loss. damage to the product. Our partners are mostly from major airlines such as Boeing, Airbus … well known for their dense flight schedules, ensuring safety for goods along with the time of shipment to and from the market. can.

High effort to solve Customer’s problems
We do not guarantee that we will be able to solve all the problems that Customers require, but we are committed to serving you the best we can. At TIEN PHONG CO., LTD we create innovative solutions and constantly change the way of transportation so that work is done better and better. You can easily select services according to the requirements we provide below:

  • Transport by private aircraft for rent [Air Charter]
  • Diverse flight times [Next Flight Out (NFO), Overnight, or Economy (General Freight)]
  • Domestic and International Ports [Domestic & International]
  • Import and export [Import & Export]
  • Delivery [Door-to-Door]
  • Air Consolidation Services [Air Consolidation Services]

The cost is very competitive compared to the quality
With the advantages available to our competitors, we are ready to provide services at an extremely reasonable price. You will have peace of mind knowing that we are always looking for ways to minimize unnecessary costs during the transportation process while ensuring the process is completed and high quality.

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